# About this Book

# This is your book!

OpenMRS is open source. That means anyone in the world can help improve the code. Likewise, this electronic book is open source as well, meaning anyone is welcome to help improve this Implementers Guide too (see below on how to contribute)! The source for this book is hosted on GitHub.

# History of this book

# Version 1.0

The first edition of this book was created in October 2011 during the first Google Summer of Code Documentation Sprint. We are indebted to the Google Open Source Programs Office, the FLOSS Manuals foundation, and Aspiration for organizing this week-long event where four open source projects (OpenMRS, Sahana Eden, OpenStreetMap, and KDE) joined forces to share knowledge and create manuals for their user communities.

The authors for the first version were Rafal Korytkowski (Poland), Glen McCallum (Canada), Nóirín Plunkett (Ireland), Darius Jazayeri (United States), and Michael Downey (United States).

We received proofreading, structural advice, and editing assistance from Paul Biondich (United States), Hamish Fraser (United States), Allen Gunn (United States), Daniel Kayiwa (Uganda), Burke Mamlin (United States), Saptarshi Purkayastha (India), Janet Riley (United States), and Ben Wolfe (Kenya).

Photographs in this book are courtesy of James Arbaugh, Michael J. Downey, Frank Fries, Mathew Ssemakadde, and Stephanie Taylor. The original book cover was designed by Laleh Torabi.

We would also like to thank the countless people who have contributed to OpenMRS documentation over the past seven years, and the writing team of_CivicCRM: A Comprehensive Guide,_all of which served as inspiration and the basis for much of this book. The OpenMRS community thanks everyone who participated in making this book a reality. Thank you!

# Version 1.1

In 2016, the guide was transferred from a FLOSS manual to a GitBook during Google Season of Docs.

In 2018, GitBook deprecated their command line interface (CLI) tool that was used to maintain the GitBook form of this guide.

# Version 1.2

In 2023, the guide was converted to use Retype.