# Leaving Amani Clinic

We now end our visit to Amani Clinic. We saw how the clinic management started with the idea of using a medical information system to support the workflow of their clinic. They implemented OpenMRS to manage their data, evaluate and report on their project's effectiveness, and ultimately improve care for their patients.

Claudine, Daniel, James, and Kissa all had challenges in planning and getting used to new ways of working, but we can believe that their increased ability to better manage health care delivery will result in healthier, happier people in the village of Kisiizi.

We hope you have found their story, along with the information presented in this guide, useful in thinking about your own situation.

As a reminder, this book serves only as an introduction to the OpenMRS medical record system and our larger open source community. You are now a member of a new extended family of people working together to make and improve technology for health care on every continent. We hope you will be as excited as we are to make a difference in our communities, and we hope to see you in our mailing lists and wikis, and hear you in our meetings very soon.

Welcome and good luck!